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 Jan 2017 

NEW 2017 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released


 April 2016 

NEW 2016 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released

 July 2015
Added new Youtube Video tutorial for how to use new "Radio Reference Frequency Manager"

April 2015

Added support for  latest Uniden Phase II Scanners    

   BCD996P2 and BCD325P2»

 March 2015

 New release of    Scancat-Lite-Plus with  Completely new menu driven database support for Radio Reference 


Added support for Unden BCD536HP and BCD436HP Unidens New "Home Patrol Units" 

TicTocStocks - Real Time Stock Quotes Software

(Not delayed 15 min)

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Compact, easy to use Watch Lists - Updates in Real time, 

NO   15 min delays

NO   Broker account Necessary

Built in Mini Browser 

Versatile Stock Symbol Lookup


Level 2 is Supported in Real Time
And... also updated "after hours"

User Customized  Color Schemes, below are just a few Examples

TicTocStocks - Real Time Stock Quotes Software 

(Not delayed 15 min)

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Here are a few excerpts from our Built in Manuals and Help files

This compact App is designed to give Windows Users the ability to watch up to 60 of your favorite stocks in Real Time without having to do all the "log in" or have a broker account etc etc. In addition you will see we show the realtime pricing for WTICrude-Silver-Gold (and) Dow Futures - Even After Hours.

The DOW futures display alternates with the Time depending on normal stock exchange hours, based on a 5 day week using your computer's local time zone settings.

We wanted to make this program as easy as possible to use.

All you have to do is type in any Stock Symbol and the next "cycle" it will be shown live.  
No complicated forms or menus. 

 The controls are very simple

Button - Real Time Quotes ON / OFF 

     Starts or Stops the Program's operation.
     You will see the Stock's border change as it is being "polled". 

     Cycle time depends on your internet speed. Normally a cycle takes about 15 seconds.

     This also depends on how many stocks you are watching.
     The less stocks you watch, the faster the cycle time. 

 Button - Exit  

    Exits the Program (and) Saves the list of stocks 

Text Input Box 

     Just type in any stock symbol. There is no heirarchical order.
     By default, the top left Symbol is also displayed in the larger top bar by default 


    Places that stock into the TOP listing, which is larger and easier to see from a distance.
    You can change the "TOP" stock by clicking on a new name 

        Clicking on any of the 16 Stock Descriptions:

        1 - Changes the displayed stock in the top display bar with the one you just clicked on.
             This remains in the top bar until you click on a different stock.

        2 - IF the Check Box for "Enable Browser" is checked this will also open that Stock in the
             Lower Browser and display it in "Google Finance's" listings. 

 Check Box - Enable Browser     

           Tic-Toc has a built in "mini browser". This permits viewing of any of your watched stocks
           using Google Finance

           IF CHECKED - WHEN you click on the Description of a stock, it will also open up the bottom half
               of the operation screen, with a mini-browser. It will then show the stock you have just clicked on,               

           UNchecking will then close the Browser on the Bottom and give you a more compact screen
              with only the "stocks" This option also speeds things up as the Browser consumes some
              "time and resources" when you click on a Stock's Name (when open). 


   There are a few "extras" and "features": 

   These Symbols are also supported as "stocks"

                ^DJI     ^GSPC      ^VIX      ^IXIC          

                DOW    SP-500     VIX       NASDAQ

           These Symbols preceeded by a "^" will also load in the built-in browser,
           Many Mutual Funds and ETF's are supported (Check your broker's symbol list to find them) 

          a few examples are: 

                     IWM ISHARES  
                     RUSSELL TFSHX
                     TFS HEDGED FUTURES 
                     DMLAX DOUBLELINE MULTI
                     DVYE ISHARES EMERGING

 "Others" may work, So give them a try 


        On the HELP menu, there is a selection to display a Stock Symbol / Stock Name list.
        At the bottom is a search input. Type in the Search word/wildcard and press <ENTER>
        * All of the results will then be displayed in a "result panel"
        * Double Clicking on one of the results will place the symbol into a vacant slot on the watch list.


Level 2 is updated in real time. This is an invaluable asset for "Day traders".  
Watch up  to the last ten trades, plus both up to 5 BID and ASK pricings.
Level Two is worth the price alone, as even trading accounts
charge "extra" for this service.


           At the lower left of the module are several Percentage choices
             if the stocks price change exceeds the ''selection''
             then a COLOR will display as the SYMBOL's background
             A change UP in price will be the color of GREEN
             A chenge DOWN price will be the color RED 

There are  MORE features, so download our Fully functional Demo (Runs for 30 minutes per session)

                                                 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD DEMO 

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