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 Jan 2017 

NEW 2017 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released


 April 2016 

NEW 2016 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released

 July 2015
Added new Youtube Video tutorial for how to use new "Radio Reference Frequency Manager"

April 2015

Added support for  latest Uniden Phase II Scanners    

   BCD996P2 and BCD325P2»

 March 2015

 New release of    Scancat-Lite-Plus with  Completely new menu driven database support for Radio Reference 


Added support for Unden BCD536HP and BCD436HP Unidens New "Home Patrol Units" 

We get customer calls (sometimes daily) where the "issue" is (that) the driver for Uniden's cables do not install properly.  Uniden, for whatever reasons THEY have...,  do not supply the drivers WITH the radios
                                   (Such as on a CD in the box with the scanner.)

Usually what happens is a customer unboxes the radio and powers it up,  Then plugs in the cable. Windows will usually sense that a New Device is plugged in and go about installing what it "thinks" is the correct driver. Over 50% of the time Windows does not install the "correct UNIDEN driver", and then the problems begin.

We KNOW this can be extremely frustrating. 

While the cable is not sold by "us", most times "we" are the ones that get the first call when things don't work.

SOMEtimes we get the blame for things not working, But, the blame should really be placed on the Scanner's Manufacturer, Not us. Meaning If the cable "works", our software works, but it it doesn't the software won't work until it "does".

So, We have created a special set of instructions. A step by step tutorial complete with several screen shots, showing exactly what to do to "repair" the driver and get things working.

           Go to this Link

There you will find a series of screen shots. They are numbered from "1 to about 16"

**HINT** The BCD325P2 and BCD996P2 must have the USB cable plugged into the radio and Powered up, otherwise the computer cannot find the "chip".which used to be "IN" the cable.

Scroll down to #8, and then follow the steps through # 15

90% of the time this will fix your problems.