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 Jan 2017 

NEW 2017 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released


 April 2016 

NEW 2016 Edition   

Mr Scanner CD released

 July 2015
Added new Youtube Video tutorial for how to use new "Radio Reference Frequency Manager"

April 2015

Added support for  latest Uniden Phase II Scanners    

   BCD996P2 and BCD325P2»

 March 2015

 New release of    Scancat-Lite-Plus with  Completely new menu driven database support for Radio Reference 


Added support for Unden BCD536HP and BCD436HP Unidens New "Home Patrol Units" 


New for 2017 

Mr. Scanner's frequency disk for 2017  
features all sorts of new features, including

  • Mr. Scanner public safety database   
  • Mr. Scanner FULL FCC database   
  • All new search engine    
  • Ability to search by:  Frequency, call sign, service code, licensee name, city, county, state, partial keywords,  latitude or longitude       
  • You can also search by setting a frequency range   
  • Lookups can be saved as either .nff (scancat file), .html (web page), .csv (excel file), .txt (comma delimited file)   
  • Any lookups can be printed   
  • Searches can be either new or appended to a previous search
  • Datqabase files fully integrate with Scancat-Lite-Plus ... no conversions necessary.

          Take a look at screen shots      

                   and new features

There are millions of frequencies on the CD.  The public safety files include frrequencies for police, fire, EMS, local government, forestry conservation and other like services.

The FCC database also has the public safety frequencies, but also contains all types of business and private frequencies.

Before the Public Safety and FCC databases sold individually for $25.00 each, now you can have both for $29.95.


Brand...............  Mr. Scanner FCC ROM
Catalog Price......$29.95
Discount Price......$19.95 (With Purchase of Scancat-Software)
Shipping............$6.00 First Class (or) $7.95 Priority Mail
Order from..........Computer Aided Technologies
                          1112 Francais Dr.
                           P.O. Box 18285
                           Shreveport, LA 71118
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Remember the Betty Bearcat CD Rom. Well, that edition has been out of date for quite some time now, but do not fear. The developers of that database have re-introduced Betty Bearcat as the Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD.
The Mr. Scanner Public Safety CD covers Police, Fire, Public Safety, Conventional and Trunked Public Safety, Local Government, Public Highway Departments, Forestry Radio ce and Park Rangers, Marine Radio, Railroads, New Media, Taxi Cab Companies, Utility nies, News Media and many other frequencies. The CD covers frequencies throughout the U.S. (and its territories) and Canada (and its territories).  
The search engine for the new CD has been completely re-worked. Searches and exports and prints can be done by Frequency, County, County and Service, City, City and Service, Service, Licensee/DBA, and Call Sign. Additionally, there are range searches (much like setting search ranges in your scanner) for frequency, county, city and service. Any of your results can be printed on any printer you select (even across a network) or exported as an ASCII comma delimited file. The exported files can be opened in any spread sheet program for custom editing or opened in scanner programming software such as Scancat Lite Plus.

Now getting the frequencies you need for your scanner can not be any simpler.      


                                Take a look at screen shots      

                                         and new features